Why Wouldn’t You Want to
LOOK & FEEL Your Best?

Sometimes nothing beats IV administration for vitamins, minerals and some medications for what ails you.

At Southwellness, medical professionals are involved in determining what would best meet your needs and desires as you consider IV options as part of your wellness program.

The Potential Benefits of IV Therapy

  • Rapid rehydration
  • Hangover Relief
  • Faster Healing & Recovery
  • Bypass the digestive system to deliver high dose vitamins
  • Faster delivery of medication

Why Should Southwellness Be
Your #1 IV Therapy Choice?


Depending on the therapy, our IV drips take roughly 30 minutes to administer


You are safe in our hands. A healthcare practitioner will meet with you and provide a short consultation to help you pick which IV drip is most suitable for you.


Our patients have expressed notable improvements after their first infusions

What More Can We Say?
Excellence Runs In Our Veins!

How Does the
IV Service Work?

In-Office IV Therapy

At our clinic, you’ll find an environment that helps you relax and heal, which makes it a great place to get intravenous medicine. Our clinical team has extensive experience placing IVs! Book a private room with seats that can be leaned back so you can relax and enjoy your IV treatment.


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