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Simpler & Safer

A good relationship between a patient and their healthcare provider is key to delivering excellent patient care while maximizing convenience.

Telehealth makes it easy and convenient for medical professionals to meet with their patients from a distance, improving the healthcare experience.

At Southwellness, we offer telehealth services so that patients can access care conveniently from the comfort of their homes. The team is on hand to virtually treat patients for various conditions.

You may be interested in scheduling a telehealth appointment with us if you are:

• Following advice to socially isolate
• A busy person needing a convenient option for healthcare
• Immunocompromised or immunosuppressed
• Elderly
• Unable to travel or live a long way away

We understand your life is busy, and new patients have the opportunity to have their first appointment be a telehealth visit.
Telehealth is revolutionizing healthcare by making it easier and less expensive for healthcare practitioners to care for their patients anywhere, including in rural and underserved regions.

Telehealth Made Easy
With is a telehealth solution for healthcare facilities of all sizes.
The HIPAA-compliant system includes a secure platform, video conferencing, and virtual waiting room functionality. functions in-browser on most devices, requiring no downloads or installations.

How to Use

Tips for a great call:

Safe, high-quality care
In the comfort of your own home

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